Spring Egg Colours

Posted on April 09, 2015 by minor goods

Hope everyone had a lovely easter weekend! We spent the weekend eating a lot of chocolate, hunting for eggs in the garden and trying out some new natural egg dye colours. The original idea was to have green shades but we are rather pleased with our subtle natural spring colours. The pale yellow shade on the left is a result of spinach, parsley and nettles, the egg was left in over night because after a few hours the egg still looked white! The lavender blue shades on the right are from red camellia flowers which produced this beautiful pink rose dye, so we were a little surprised when the eggs came out more of a blue colour. The middle eggs are from mixing the spinach and camellia dyes, (hoping for a green colour) but we love the marbled stone grey results. Every egg colour was a surprise, thats the beauty of natural egg dyeing! Our plywood egg cups have had a new spring makeover, now looking pastel pretty!

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Natural Egg Dyeing

Posted on March 16, 2015 by minor goods

We hope everyone had a lovely mothers day weekend! We spent the weekend natural egg dyeing (our first attempt) and were rather pleased with the results! After searching the internet, we gathered some basic instructions (they do vary), and then the fun began! We chose red cabbage to get a range of blue tones, and it still amazes that these beautiful colours are the result of simmering quarter of a chopped red cabbage in water for 20-30 minutes. After you have the desired dye colour (the darker the better) strain and add 2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar. We hard boiled a mix of white eggs and quail eggs, and when both the eggs and the dye were at room temperature, we placed the eggs in the dye for varying times. The lightest one, was in the dye for 15 minutes, the darkest one for over 12 hours. The below image is of the darkest one, a wonderful rich blue!
The quail eggs came out a beautiful aqua colour, which we love mixed with the natural brown speckled patterns. The different colour and egg shapes look lovely in our off white divided dish, a perfect display for your easter table! We got slightly over excited and photograph happy over our dyed eggs, so we will be posting more egg and easter inspiration later in the week....
Thank you to our dear friend Kate Sherman and her daughter Bea for supplying the white eggs and helping with the dyeing!

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Lily Vanilli and Glasshouse Journal photoshoot

Posted on March 09, 2015 by minor goods

Lily Vanilli and the Glasshouse Journal collaborated on this amazing  psychedelic pastel photoshoot using our homewares (very exciting)! The colours and textures are delicious and work beautifully with our products, we love the mix of pastel cloud meringues and crazy cool bright cakes! Have a look at the Glasshouse Journal for more beautiful images and the inspiration behind Lily Vanilli's stunning cakes!
With spring summer on its way, we are looking forward to creating our own colourful afternoon tea party, inspired by this beautiful shoot! To create your own cake party, the minor goods products used in the shoot are:
First image - Plywood Rectangular Tray
Image above - Vintage Small Plate / White & Black Droppe board / Handmade Wood Boards / Grey Cotton Placemat
Images below - Handmade Wood Board / Aqua Cotton Placemat /  White & Black Droppe board  / Black Dessert Plate

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Pastel and white shades

Posted on February 19, 2015 by minor goods

Feels like spring is on its way (even ventured outside without the usual woolly hats!). We're starting to think about softer colours, and following the spring summer 2015 trend for pastel shades and soft whites, we've put a mini board together of our inspiration and favourite products.
Happy Chinese new year all!
1) Rebecca Newport Interiors and still life
2) minor goods, cotton cord placemat in aqua
3) Limited edition Eames style chairs from Cult furniture
4) minor goods, small vintage plate and dish in off white
5) minor goods, hand woven kitchen towel in peach / white

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Our Instagram loves - That Flower Shop

Posted on February 11, 2015 by minor goods

As Valentines day is just a few days way, this weeks instagram love is That flower shop. We always look in when we're passing by, its in on the ground floor of the Ace Hotel (a great place to eat and meet friends). They have such a beautiful selection of flowers, branches and plants, its like being in a urban garden oasis, always an inspiring visit, and you can also pick up a healthy juice from the Lovage juice bar next door! Happy Valentines week!
Pictures from That Flower Shop instagram feed. 

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Our Instagram loves - Grace and Thorn

Posted on February 06, 2015 by minor goods

Continuing the celebration of our love for flowers and plants, this week our instagram love is Grace and Thorn.  We love their beautiful colour and texture combinations, creating wonderful simple arrangements. They also sell lots of lovely succulents, cacti and  terrariums (you can never have too many succulents). With Valentines day around the corner, this is the perfect place for inspiration and bouquets!
Pictures from Grace and Thorn instagram feed. 

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Celebrating our love of flowers!

Posted on February 02, 2015 by minor goods

We've been busy taking photographs and uploading new flower images, to celebrate our love of flowers! We love this coral salmon rose colour mixed with our charcoal beaklet and the dark burgundy colour of the kangaroo tongue plant (we know strange name!). Whilst we're waiting for spring and some warmer weather, having flowers and plants inside makes us happy! Add some spring into your house... shop the vase collection.

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