New Natural Egg dyeing

Posted on March 16, 2016 by minor goods

After last years successful natural egg dyeing, we thought we'd have another go, it's a very pleasing thing to do and you never really know what colour tones you will end up with! We used red cabbage again with a mix of white and brown eggs from our friends chickens, the small brown ones created a beautiful range of green blue jewel colours, whilst the white ones resulted in shades of blue, from pastel to rich vibrant shades. The different tones are simply achieved by the dye time, the lightest colours for about 20 mins and the darkest were left in over night. For more tips, see our last years blog post on Natural egg dyeing.

They make a great addition to your easter table, perfect with our plywood egg cups and handmade cotton placemat for a simple inspired display.

The weather was beautiful at the weekend, so we enjoyed an early easter egg hunt, of course with a little after egg hunt co-ordinating into our handmade cotton bowls.

Lastly meet Lady Di, one of our friends chickens, who lays the little brown eggs. She has lovely coiffured feathers, roaming around the garden like she has just stepped out of the salon! Thank you to our dear friend Kate Shermanher children and chickens for supplying the eggs and helping with the dyeing!

Not long now until Easter, so there's still time to have a go at natural egg dyeing, enjoy!

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Hot Cross Buns by The Worktop

Posted on March 24, 2015 by minor goods

Tina Jui from The Worktop has been busy baking up these beauties, spelt hot cross buns! They look so tasty, we do love hot cross buns and tend to start eating them as soon as they are in the shops, but these ones look so good we may have to try making some (our 'to make' list is getting longer).
They look spring fresh with our vintage cylinder beaker and our free gift tea towel (now only a few left). If you want to learn how to make these delicious spelt hot cross buns, take a look at The Worktop blog. Pictures from The Worktop.

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Easter Inspiration

Posted on March 19, 2015 by minor goods

After the fun of our natural egg dyeing, we couldn't resist taking some more photographs, with the addition of some chocolate eggs (but still haven't eaten any yet). For us easter is about spending time with family, baking and eating, and of course the annual easter egg hunt in the garden, every year there is always a couple that get left amongst the bushes! Our cotton cord bowls are perfect for storing your easter eggs (we like to think there is no age limit for easter egg hunts). 
We're also looking forward to baking with our new handcrafted wood utensils from Glyph design in the USA, they have a super smooth finish and are the perfect spoon shape, they are beautiful and practical! It can get a bit messy in the kitchen when you are baking with children, and most of our friends and family have one of our handwoven hand towels, they are hardwearing so will clean up the usual kitchen chaos and baking hands. We now just need to decide what to bake...
After the egg hunt and baking our off white divided dishes make great table displays for your coloured eggs and cup cakes, although we're not sure how long they would last as they look too tempting... Not long now until we can eat the chocolate eggs!

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Chinese Tea Eggs by The Worktop

Posted on March 18, 2015 by minor goods

Tina Jui from The Worktop has a lovely food blog, full of inspiring recipes and photographs. So we were very happy when she recently posted her 'Chinese Tea Egg' recipe featuring her purchases from minor goods! The cracked patterns on the eggs are beautiful and look lovely in our vintage small bowl. Also featured in her post are our stone divided plate (pictured with herbs and spices), our blue green dessert plates (back in stock in April), and our mustard cotton cord placemat. 
Its all about eggs at the moment! If you want to learn how to make these beautiful tea eggs, take a look at The Worktop blog. Pictures from The Worktop.

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Natural Egg Dyeing

Posted on March 16, 2015 by minor goods

We hope everyone had a lovely mothers day weekend! We spent the weekend natural egg dyeing (our first attempt) and were rather pleased with the results! After searching the internet, we gathered some basic instructions (they do vary), and then the fun began! We chose red cabbage to get a range of blue tones, and it still amazes that these beautiful colours are the result of simmering quarter of a chopped red cabbage in water for 20-30 minutes. After you have the desired dye colour (the darker the better) strain and add 2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar. We hard boiled a mix of white eggs and quail eggs, and when both the eggs and the dye were at room temperature, we placed the eggs in the dye for varying times. The lightest one, was in the dye for 15 minutes, the darkest one for over 12 hours. The below image is of the darkest one, a wonderful rich blue!
The quail eggs came out a beautiful aqua colour, which we love mixed with the natural brown speckled patterns. The different colour and egg shapes look lovely in our off white divided dish, a perfect display for your easter table! We got slightly over excited and photograph happy over our dyed eggs, so we will be posting more egg and easter inspiration later in the week....
Thank you to our dear friend Kate Sherman and her daughter Bea for supplying the white eggs and helping with the dyeing!

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