Taiwanese Night Market Pop Up

Posted on September 04, 2015 by minor goods

We are excited to have a selection of our vintage and stoneware ceramics at the Taiwanese night market pop up at E5 Bakehouse, in collaboration with Mei Hui Lui, bringing Taiwanese street food and night market culture to East London. Mei Hui has curated a beautiful space, its a wonderful mix of food night market meets eccentric country garden, with stunning flowers everywhere. We love our simple stoneware ceramics contrasted with this crazy cool floral sculpture! We popped in this week and the food is amazing, so if you want to try the East to East experience, pop in for delicious food and shopping. Its open midday to 10pm and the last day is Sunday 6th September. Happy Friday all!

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Our Instagram Loves - Concrete Jungles

Posted on July 24, 2015 by minor goods

This weeks instagram love is Concrete Jungles, whom we had the pleasure of being neighbours with, at Druid St Market last weekend. They grow and nurture all their succulents, and their concrete planters are cast by hand in the UK, their passion and knowledge of plants is inspiring (we picked up a few much needed tips) and we love their minimal geometric planters. For cacti and succulent tips and of course their lovely shop, have a look at Concrete Jungles.

Photographs from Concrete Jungles instagram feed.

A big thank you to everyone who popped by to see us at Druid St Market, we had a fun sunny day meeting everyone! Happy weekend all!



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Our Instagram loves - Apartment Apothecary

Posted on June 24, 2015 by minor goods

This week our instagram love is Apartment Apothecary by Katy Orme, who writes an inspiring award winning interiors and craft blog. We were incredibly pleased when she handpicked some of our minor goods products for her stylish curated online shop. Katy has been enjoying our vintage vase, which featured in her June styling the season (as pictured above). We love the beautiful simplicity of her styling and photographs and for more home and craft inspiration have a look at her wonderful blog

Photographs from Apartment Apothecary instagram feed. 

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Making Elderflower Cordial

Posted on June 01, 2015 by minor goods

After last weekends foraging for elderflowers in the countryside, this weekend we bought some from the local farmers market (no stinging nettles involved this time). We made a big batch of cordial (over 1 litre) which will keep us going through the summer months, and the elderflower bag only cost £1.50 so it's worth making your own and very easy to make. We infused ours with orange and lemon zest, lots of recipes suggest just lemons but we like the extra zesty flavour.

As we made so much we thought we would make some elderflower cordial lemon ice cubes, ready for the sunny summer days (fingers crossed). Its very easy, just place small slices of lemon in a ice cube tray then add your cordial, this would also be really nice with orange or grapefruit slices. We used our beautiful handmade wooden spoon and chopping board, made by Object Company and filled our leather tote bag with farmers market goodies. Happy 1st June everyone!

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Elderflower Foraging

Posted on May 26, 2015 by minor goods

We hope everyone had a lovely bank holiday weekend! We spent some of the weekend foraging for elderflowers in the beautiful East Sussex countryside, it's a little early for elderflower but we managed to find enough to make some cordial, with a few nettle stings and thistle scratches along the way! After shaking out the bugs and picking off the flower heads, we soaked them in a pan of water with the zest of two lemons and an orange (the smell is amazing) and left overnight. Then we added sugar, the juice of the lemons and oranges, and simmered until dissolved.

The finished cordial smells wonderful with a beautiful nectar colour and tastes delicious, the elderflower picking season is nearly here, so happy foraging! We used our vintage bowls, handmade wooden spoon and handwoven tea towel for making the cordial. Thank you to our dear friend Kate Sherman and her children for scouting and picking most of the elderflowers.

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Our Instagram loves - That Flower Shop

Posted on February 11, 2015 by minor goods

As Valentines day is just a few days way, this weeks instagram love is That flower shop. We always look in when we're passing by, its in on the ground floor of the Ace Hotel (a great place to eat and meet friends). They have such a beautiful selection of flowers, branches and plants, its like being in a urban garden oasis, always an inspiring visit, and you can also pick up a healthy juice from the Lovage juice bar next door! Happy Valentines week!
Pictures from That Flower Shop instagram feed. 

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Our Instagram loves - Grace and Thorn

Posted on February 06, 2015 by minor goods

Continuing the celebration of our love for flowers and plants, this week our instagram love is Grace and Thorn.  We love their beautiful colour and texture combinations, creating wonderful simple arrangements. They also sell lots of lovely succulents, cacti and  terrariums (you can never have too many succulents). With Valentines day around the corner, this is the perfect place for inspiration and bouquets!
Pictures from Grace and Thorn instagram feed. 

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