Easter Inspiration

March 19, 2015

After the fun of our natural egg dyeing, we couldn't resist taking some more photographs, with the addition of some chocolate eggs (but still haven't eaten any yet). For us easter is about spending time with family, baking and eating, and of course the annual easter egg hunt in the garden, every year there is always a couple that get left amongst the bushes! Our cotton cord bowls are perfect for storing your easter eggs (we like to think there is no age limit for easter egg hunts). 
We're also looking forward to baking with our new handcrafted wood utensils from Glyph design in the USA, they have a super smooth finish and are the perfect spoon shape, they are beautiful and practical! It can get a bit messy in the kitchen when you are baking with children, and most of our friends and family have one of our handwoven hand towels, they are hardwearing so will clean up the usual kitchen chaos and baking hands. We now just need to decide what to bake...
After the egg hunt and baking our off white divided dishes make great table displays for your coloured eggs and cup cakes, although we're not sure how long they would last as they look too tempting... Not long now until we can eat the chocolate eggs!