Sue Ure

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Sue has been making ceramics since 1989, originally from London she moved to France in 1994 to set up her ceramics studio where she is inspired by the colours and landscape of her rural environment. 

She fell in love with pottery in her teens and the tactile sensation of throwing and creating objects that can be used and enjoyed everyday.

Her work is about simple clean functional shapes rather than pattern and her influences range from the Finnish ‘Arabia’ tableware to ancient Minoan pottery that was introduced to Sue by her archaeologist grandmother.

Every piece is hand-thrown in white stoneware and porcelain then biscuit-fired for 8 hours at 1000°C, after which they take about 20 hours to cool down. Then they are glazed in satin-matt colours which are all mixed and developed by Sue. Glazed pieces are then placed in the kiln for 8-9 hours, which is heated to 1260°C. They are made in small production batches and take around 8 weeks to make.