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Glyph Design was started by Timothy Roberts and founded in Covina, a suburb of Los Angeles in 2014. His goal is to make lasting artifacts that engage everyday problems and uplifts the spirit from well-designed goods.  All woods that Tim uses are local to North America. If given the choice, he will use local woods to his home state and the west.

Each item is carefully hand-shaped, carved and finished with traditional woodcraft techniques. The tools Tim uses are originally from an English shipbuilders tool set which he had re-honed and preserved, since the set was made around the 1830’s. Each piece can take up to three days to complete and are sanded and treated with Sam Maloof poly oil, which highlights the unique beautiful natural wood grain.

Tim graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in architecture and had practiced in various projects and firms before taking his own road in woodcraft and design.  He had spent many months working with tribal bodies in addition to his schooling to form the bones of his design conscience.  In fact, Tim’s influences are varied and span from modern architecture to indigenous North American design and craft.

The woods Tim used for minor goods are: Big leaf Maple, Sugar Maple, and Claro Walnut- all products are endemic to the United States.  Various woods used in other projects vary- they can be as common as oak to the rarer varieties of buckeye or spalted white alder.