Shop products by HAPPYsthlm

HAPPYsthlm was founded in 2007 by Kajsa Aronsson (pattern design), Katarina Andersson (product design) and Carolines Lindholm (Jewellery design) who met in 2000 when they happened to move into the same studio together and found they had a shared love of craftmanship and modern design. Every stage of their design process is mediated by teamwork and despite the material and field of design they always collaborate and share their opinions on each other’s work. HAPPYsthlm showcases the collaboration between Scandinavian designers and the makers.

The buttering boards are produced at a factory which is located at the very long island at the Swedish eastcoast. Its a family run business which was founded in 1996, the products are manufactured one by one, by hand using natural materials. Kajsa and Katerina worked on the design together to re-work the traditional Scandinavian butter board which is inspired by bird eggs.