Small Bowl Breakfast Ideas

April 14, 2015

We've always loved small bowl eating, its like another version of buffet eating! We've recently become slightly addicted to granola, natural yoghurt with mixed fruit toppings. The top picture is with homemade strawberry sauce, just blend strawberries with a dash of coconut milk or water, then add to your yoghurt with some chopped strawberries. The bottom picture is homemade poached rhubarb with orange zest and juice, with a little ginger (recipe from Sprout Market). We added this to the yoghurt with some pomegranate seeds for extra colour and texture. We received some great de-seeding pomegranate tips on Instagram, our favourite tip is: Submerge half of the pomegranate in a bowl of water, then tear the flesh underwater loosening the seeds. The seeds then sink to the bottom and the flesh floats to the top. We tried it and its now so easy, no more pomegranate stains! We've been using our vintage small bowls and dishes, which are perfect for these breakfasts and our beautiful new handcrafted wooden spoon and scoops by Glyph Design, for scooping and eating our granola. The next step is try and make homemade granola.... Happy sunny Tuesday!