Spring Egg Colours

April 09, 2015

Hope everyone had a lovely easter weekend! We spent the weekend eating a lot of chocolate, hunting for eggs in the garden and trying out some new natural egg dye colours. The original idea was to have green shades but we are rather pleased with our subtle natural spring colours. The pale yellow shade on the left is a result of spinach, parsley and nettles, the egg was left in over night because after a few hours the egg still looked white! The lavender blue shades on the right are from red camellia flowers which produced this beautiful pink rose dye, so we were a little surprised when the eggs came out more of a blue colour. The middle eggs are from mixing the spinach and camellia dyes, (hoping for a green colour) but we love the marbled stone grey results. Every egg colour was a surprise, thats the beauty of natural egg dyeing! Our plywood egg cups have had a new spring makeover, now looking pastel pretty!