Making Lemon Cheesecake

April 15, 2015

We were inspired to make our first lemon cheesecake from our new found love of quark (thank you to our instagram friends for the tip). It goes with so many things and its virtually fat free! Lessons learnt from making it for the first time were, don't use cookie cutters for moulds, as its very hard to get them out (rookie error, need to buy a proper loose bottom tin) and using icing sugar is too sweet! Apart from that we were rather pleased with the results, we used sea vegetable gelling agent which worked a treat. Now we know the basics of making a cheesecake, the next step is to make a healthier version...

We used our beautiful new wooden utensils for mixing and served it on our vintage small plate. The strawberries were placed around the cheesecake to hide the untidy edges and they also make a nice decoration!