Healthy Strawberry Cheesecake

April 20, 2015

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! We made our second cheesecake, and tried out a healthier version, we also made it in a proper loose bottom tin which made life a lot easier! The base recipe is by sprout market which we love as its so tasty and simple, it's made with only three main ingredients, pecan nuts, dates and almond flour. As we are still loving quark, the topping is a sugar free version from last week, a mix of quark, low fat soft cheese, strawberries, raspberries and agar flakes. The berries naturally sweeten up the topping a little, and the mix of the berry tartness with the nut date base is rather refreshing!

We finished the cheesecake off with sliced strawberries and served it in on our black stoneware plate. We used our beautiful wood utensils and chopping board for our cheesecake making!