Making Anzac Biscuits

April 28, 2015

We made Anzac biscuits for Anzac day (also we do love these biscuits), we've never made them before so we took a base recipe and swapped some ingredients, the plain flour we replaced with rice flour, white sugar for coconut sugar (and halved the amount), and golden syrup for maple syrup. They were very simple to make and very tasty, you wouldn't know that the recipe had been tweaked. We like a bit of trial and error baking so next time, we're going to try without the sugar, and just increase the maple syrup quantity a little...

As we had a couple of broken Anzacs we tried them with natural yoghurt and strawberries and discovered it's a great combination, just like a coconut granola!

Also as new quark addicts, we thought we would try it on the Anzacs with slices of banana and raspberries, another great taste combination, a bit like a coconut raspberry cheesecake, only a little healthier and easier to make.

We used our beautiful handcrafted wooden utensils for making the biscuits and served them with our vintage and handmade French ceramics.