Our Instagram Loves - Iki and the kitchn

May 12, 2015

We do love instagram and we came across Iki and the Kitchn a few months ago (by Ulrike in Berlin). We instantly fell in love with her beautiful photography and inspiring healthy food posts, so we were very happy when she ordered some of our tableware!

The above photograph is crunchy top banana coconut bread (recipe from Cook republic), served with a swirl of almond butter on top, pictured with our handmade wood boardThe below is orange pomegranate salad with ginger and cinnamon syrup served on our black dessert plate. They both look so delicious! We are very excited to announce that Ulrike will be doing a couple of guest recipe blog posts for minor goods, coming soon...

For more inspiration take a look Iki and the Kitchn instagram feed.