Making Elderflower Cordial

June 01, 2015

After last weekends foraging for elderflowers in the countryside, this weekend we bought some from the local farmers market (no stinging nettles involved this time). We made a big batch of cordial (over 1 litre) which will keep us going through the summer months, and the elderflower bag only cost £1.50 so it's worth making your own and very easy to make. We infused ours with orange and lemon zest, lots of recipes suggest just lemons but we like the extra zesty flavour.

As we made so much we thought we would make some elderflower cordial lemon ice cubes, ready for the sunny summer days (fingers crossed). Its very easy, just place small slices of lemon in a ice cube tray then add your cordial, this would also be really nice with orange or grapefruit slices. We used our beautiful handmade wooden spoon and chopping board, made by Object Company and filled our leather tote bag with farmers market goodies. Happy 1st June everyone!