New Natural Egg dyeing

March 16, 2016

After last years successful natural egg dyeing, we thought we'd have another go, it's a very pleasing thing to do and you never really know what colour tones you will end up with! We used red cabbage again with a mix of white and brown eggs from our friends chickens, the small brown ones created a beautiful range of green blue jewel colours, whilst the white ones resulted in shades of blue, from pastel to rich vibrant shades. The different tones are simply achieved by the dye time, the lightest colours for about 20 mins and the darkest were left in over night. For more tips, see our last years blog post on Natural egg dyeing.

They make a great addition to your easter table, perfect with our plywood egg cups and handmade cotton placemat for a simple inspired display.

The weather was beautiful at the weekend, so we enjoyed an early easter egg hunt, of course with a little after egg hunt co-ordinating into our handmade cotton bowls.

Lastly meet Lady Di, one of our friends chickens, who lays the little brown eggs. She has lovely coiffured feathers, roaming around the garden like she has just stepped out of the salon! Thank you to our dear friend Kate Shermanher children and chickens for supplying the eggs and helping with the dyeing!

Not long now until Easter, so there's still time to have a go at natural egg dyeing, enjoy!