Reusable Linen Filter

Our reusable handmade linen filters are bespoke made for our slow brew mugs. Made from natural undyed doubled linen, they are perfect for making fine loose tea and coffee using the slow pour method.  

Handmade products and natural linen are by nature unique and there will be slight variants which should not be considered defects. This is the beauty of handmade products.

Our linen filters are simply packaged in a Kraft paper wrap with user guide illustrations by the talented Ben Mounsey (who also designed our wonderful logo). Inspired by Japanese packaging, when the wrap is unfolded you see 3 simple 'how-to-use' drawings. 

-For detailed information please see our care page

-100% natural undyed linen

-Height 8.5cm, Width at the widest part 14cm

-Handmade in the UK by minor goods

Learn more about the product and The Creator - minor goods

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